Based on the client's needs, inspections can range from a simple verbal reports on what needs to be fixed and how long the roof will last to multi-page written reports covering, history, composition, condition, anomalies, recommendations, projected cost, photographs and drawings.

Roof Management
The typical roof management project involves annual inspections, assessments of the roof's condition and life expectancy, identification of needed repairs, written reports with drawings and photographs, and a year by year budget for maintenance and replacement.

Roof Design
Roofs are designed considering the client's budget versus life cycle cost of the roof, environment, condition of existing substrate, sensitivity of building contents to roof leaks, roof traffic, and the expertise of the client's maintenance personnel.  No roof system is suitable for all applications, and no roof system is unsuitable for all applications.  Complete bid packages can be prepared so that roofers can compete fairly on the roof project.  Complete construction documents can be prepared for negotiating with preselected roofers.  Documents will include contract requirements, specifications, drawings and details for the specific project.  Full services includes periodic inspections of the roofer's work and authorization of pay requests.

Problem Solving
-Insurance Claims
-Dispute Resolution
-Professional Opinions
-Expert Witness
-Unusual Roof Problems









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